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ES-BE-FS Taxonomy

The ES-BE-FS Taxonomy has been designed to make easier the reporting of financial information contained in the Public Statements, Individual and Consolidated, regulated by the circular of 4/2004. This information is transmitted periodically by the Credit Entities to the Bank of Spain.

ES-BE-FS Taxonomy for financial information reporting for the system SIIF associated entities.

- Current approved version 2006-01-01 (Valid since 31 December 2005)

See Evaluation Report
See Tests Report

- Previous approved version 2005-04-01 (Valid until 30 December 2005)

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The Spanish Banking Association (AEB) and the Spanish Confederation of Savings Banks (CECA) publish in their respective Web sites their XBRL reports from the last version (2006-01-01) of the ES-BE-FS taxonomy, elaborated by the Bank of Spain.

- Spanish Banking Association
There are available in the AEB web site the public financial statements of the Spanish banks, corresponding to the years 2005 and 2006, in XBRL format. Since January 2007 the AEB publishes the financial statements in that format, along with the normally used until now (PDF).

Spanish Banking Association Web site
Files download link

- Spanish Confederation of Savings Banks
Since 2007, the CECA publishes in their Web site the balances sheets and the income statements of the saving banks in XBRL format, as well as the usual PDF.

CECA Web site
Balance sheets and income statements in the CECA web Site


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