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Whiter Paper on XBRL Technology.

Adoption of the XBRL standard for the presentation of business and financial information always requires some effort on behalf of the organisation interested in integrating a new technology into their existing information systems.
This White Paper is the first study to be published by the Technology Working Group of XBRL Spain, and it is their intention to address the basic questions that future users of this open-source standard will need to understand in order to exchange financial data and reports.
62 pages. 2005. Edited by XRBL Spain. Available on digital version only.

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The CNMV launches the XBRL standard in the reception and diffusion of the periodic public information in the Spanish Stock Exchange.

The "Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores / Spanish Stock Exchange Commission" (CNMV), has put operative since July 1 the new standard XBRL of financial exchange of information in the reception and diffusion of the periodic public information (quarterly and semester information) that the listed societies with shares admitted to quotation must send to the supervisor.

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Bank of Spain has developed an XBRL based Financial Information Exchange System.

The objective.

The agents with whom Bank of Spain exchanges information include credit institutions. These credit institutions are required to report the financial information which Bank of Spain uses to carry out its regulatory and supervisory functions as the Central Bank of the Spanish financial system and report to international bodies as a member of the euro system.

The XBRL Spanish Jurisdiction has approved on 2005-05-10 the taxonomy es-be-fs, as an extension to the IFRS taxonomy

It is the intention of XBRL Spain to present this taxonomy to the XBRL Consortium.

The taxonomy es-be-fs is for the reporting of financial information of the Credit Institutions, contained in the Individual and Consolidated Public Statements regulated by the Circular (guideline) 4/2004 of the Bank of Spain

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Banco de España

“XBRL will help Spanish companies assimilate the regulatory changes on the horizon”

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“Think globally, act locally”

Asociación XBRL España - the Spanish XBRL Association - was formally set up on 21 April 2004 with 11 founding members. This was the result of a process initiated in 2002, following the decision by a group of organisations to promote this standard with resolve, as part of a policy geared to the ongoing improvement of financial reporting.

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XBRL: a universal financial language

Business reporting is developing its very own lingua franca, XBRL, a unique language in which data mean the same in all languages on all computers to all people. The Banco de España is one of its main standard-bearers.

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The IFRS Taxonomy Working Group is pleased to announce the release of the latest exposure draft of the IFRS-GP taxonomy. 

Please follow the link http://xbrl.iasb.org/int/fr/ifrs/gp/2004-11-15

This taxonomy represents the 2004 Bound Volume of IFRS and is intended for use by entities in 2005, and by early adopters.

In contrast to earlier versions of our taxonomy which represented the 2003 IFRS Bound Volume, this taxonomy includes changes/additions for:

- All 14 IAS standards amended under the IASB Improvements Project;

- 4 new IFRSs; and
- Full Financial Statements for banks and similar institutions

The exposure draft is for review internally by XBRL International members. We welcome your feedback prior to 15 December 2004.

The taxonomy represents a huge amount of effort by the IFRS Taxonomy Working Group members. Special thanks to Charlie Hoffman (UBmatrix), Tom Egan (Standard Chartered Bank), Giancarlo Pellizzari (ECBS) Jacobo Varela (Banco de Espana) and Allyson Ugarte (AECA) for their tireless work, in particular over the least month, to complete this taxonomy draft in time for the IASCF and XII hosted 10th XBRL International Conference in Brussels.

Thanks also to the Big 4 accounting firms (EY, KPMG, PwC & Deloitte) – and to all those others who have contributed generously to this work over the last 2 1/2 years. Finalyy, many thanks to Banco de Espana for hosting the Working Group during its recent taxonomy development efforts.


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